ASCII Art of Canadian Flag w/ Happy Canada Day!

In celebration of CANADA’s 147th National Holiday this year on July 1st, 2014, today.  I’ve decided to rest my camera on this day due to my current place of residency, though I would still use my camera in the heart beat.

Instead, I turn to a simple celebrating method by turning on my computer and start typing on the notepad of the word “CANADA”, in order to re-created what you see in the picture as CANADA FLAG ASCII Art, which is based on Normand Veilleux’s ASCII art on CANADA Flag.

After carefully position these characters, I then transfer it to PS, after which then I use layers make copy and change its color, to produce this final image. Hope you all like it!


So, how did you celebrate this year’s National Holiday? Let us know…

…An updated version for Canada’s 150th Birthday celebration can be seen here at Alan YG Chen Photography site. (July 1 2017)



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